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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France

Cat and Dog

Monthly pet

food support

Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust has partnered with the DO MORE FOUNDATION to support animal interest projects across the country with their monthly support of pet food, including:

Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Mission: to protect and care for animals in Hammarsdale and the surrounding community

Greyhound Welfare SA 

Mission: to help facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, neglected, abandoned and confiscated greyhounds

Funda Nenja

Mission: to nurture children into caring and responsible young adults while at the same time opening up possibilities for their self-development. The dogs are used to teach these principles and in so doing creates the bond between child and dog. By using the training technique, they learn discipline and respect when interacting with parents, teachers, people of different cultures and their environment

People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals 

Mission: to provide veterinary care of the highest standards to our poorer communities.

Feral Cat Rescue

Mission: our primary concern is sterilisation, but we also feed many colonies and rescue the sick and injured.


Woodrock Animal Rescue 

About: One of the oldest independent non profit domestic animal rescue centres in South Africa – their ethos is education and sterilization


The Underdog Project

About: This programme is mutually beneficial to two vulnerable groups (children and animals) as we teach empathy and various life skills to underprivileged children while bringing joy to troubled dogs 


Dassenberg Rescue Centre 

About: We fight against animal abuse, specializing in before and after stories – stories that revolve around the efforts of incredible people, animal people

My New Channel

My New Channel

My New Channel
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Build for Better story of HOPE - KZN Valley Dogs

Build for Better story of HOPE - KZN Valley Dogs

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Animal Anti-Cruelty League (Durban & Pietermaritzburg Branch)

Animal Anti-Cruelty League (Durban & Pietermaritzburg Branch)

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Monthly horse feed donations

Tom Ro Haven

"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom"

Established in 2012, Tom Ro Haven is a registered NPO which rescues abused and neglected horses and ponies and rehabilitates them at their premises in Noordhoek, Cape Town. The horses and ponies at the Haven are then used in equine assisted therapy programmes, focusing on children and young adults deemed to be at risk, or who have suffered from physical or emotional trauma.

By using horses to heal and awaken empathy, compassion and respect, the Haven aims to not only change the lives of horses, but to positively impact the local community too.

Their aim is to RESCUE, REHABILITATE and HEAL.

Find out more:

South African Riding for the Disabled Association (SARDA) - Durban


In riding a horse, freedom and independence become a reality…

SARDA Durban was established in 1980 and has been in operation since 2007 at the beautiful countryside farm of Assagay at Ridegetop Equestrian Centre. SARDA provides free therapeutic horse riding to organisations, for children with special needs, from various schools in the greater Durban area.  

SARDA Durban provides a unique experience for children with special needs to have fun, enjoy themselves and improve their way of life through ”Therapy in Motion”

Ultimately, SARDA's vision is to improve the quality of life for children with special needs through the physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits associated with therapeutic horse riding.


Find out more: 


Bonhappi-T project support

The Bonhappi-T project started in SA as a way of giving people around the world, a quick and easy way to help out, by providing t-shirts and caps that each include a month of meals for people and animals in need. You donate 8kg Bobtail through The Do More Foundation and Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust when you buy a bonhappi-T and choose to feed underprivileged dogs.


The dog food is delivered to Bonhappi-T's designated animal welfare projects, including:


Project Dog in Durban

About: working with a network of foster homes for abandoned or abused animals with a focus onsterilization). 

Visit the Project Dog Facebook Page

KZN Valley Dogs in Durban

About:  made up of a group of dedicated animal lovers who come together every Sunday morning and feed about 500 pets (dogs, cats, and even some chickens) in the underprivileged community of KwaNgcolosi in the Inanda Valley.

Find out more via their Facebook Page

Inanda Dog Project

About: Help feed, educate, sterilise and provide veterinary treatment for rural animals that would otherwise suffer from neglect in the Inanda and Embo valleys

Image by Jessy Hoffmann

Other special interest projects

The Flamingo Rescue Project

As a result of adverse climatic conditions, the Kamfers Dam in Kimberley, where a colony of Lesser-Flamingos breed annually, started to dry up. In January 2019, the severe drought effects of the El Nino-weather system, drove the adult Flamingo’s away from their nests, abandoning their chicks. As a result, hundreds of young chicks were in dire need of rescue which gave rise to the Mike Bolhuis Flamingo Project NPC. 


A multi-disciplinary collective group was created to assist with the rearing of such animals until they can be released back into nature, which has been a lengthy process. This group consisted of Mr Bolhuis, the originator and head of the rescue project as well as specialists in the field of nature conservation and many other animal groups and organizations. The fostering of the almost Flamingo chicks has now come full circle and they have been returned to the dam in small groups, to acclimatize and to fully rehabilitate. The integration process has been a humbling and an extremely proud moment for everyone involved. 


It was an emotional scene and breath-taking event, when the birds reached the clay border around the dam, spread their wings and took flight for the very first time.

This rescue and eventual release was possible because of the involvement of many, many volunteers, big corporations, small business’, qualified individuals and caring families. The Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust donated R100,000 towards this cause in order to assist with the rehabilitation, care and protection of Flamingo chicks​.

Wildlife ACT Focused Conservation - African Wild Dog


African Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) are the second most endangered carnivore in Africa. In South Africa, we have fewer than 450 roaming our wild spaces. They are extremely susceptible to snaring and being persecuted when outside of protected areas. Historically, Wild Dogs were once considered widespread throughout KwaZulu- Natal (KZN), however, the last recorded pack of Wild dogs disappeared from the Zululand region in the 1930’s.


Wild Dogs are an extremely mobile species and cover large distances daily. Wildlife monitoring is therefore vital for keeping track of animal movement patterns, habitat utilisation, population demographics, snaring (a wire nooselike trap) or poaching incidents, and breakouts from the reserve.


In order to effectively monitor and protect this endangered species, the Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust donated towards the provision of collars and emergency response support for the immediate release of the Mbhulunga wild dog packs into Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park in September 2020. The high-quality data collected daily through the sponsored collars, contributes to the ongoing research of pack movements, overall health and pack dynamics. 

"The support from The Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust will enable Wildlife ACT to strive towards achieving our vision, to save Africa’s iconic and endangered species from extinction. We hope that our work will allow future generations to enjoy and respect the exceptional natural heritage of the African continent" - Wildlife ACT

Full article here

African Painted Dogs Released onto Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park with Wildlife ACT and Ezemvelo 2021

African Painted Dogs Released onto Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park with Wildlife ACT and Ezemvelo 2021

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